An Exciting Announcement – James Ellroy on Monday 17th November!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting an event with James Ellroy here at Blackwell’s Bookshop on Monday 17th November at 7pm.

James Ellroy’s crime-writing is hard as granite, uncompromising and mesmerising and a talk from him is a near-indescribable experience! He is the author of numerous novels including ‘LA Confidential’, ‘The Black Dahlia’ and ‘American Tabloid’.

His new epic and ambitious new novel, ‘Perfidia’ is set in Los Angeles as America stands on the brink of World War II. It’s been described in The Guardian as “an epic and bizarrely transcendental novel that represents an extraordinary achievement by any measure…a sustained farrago of social, moral and human chaos”.

Please do book tickets quickly because we anticipate that this will be a very popular event.

Tickets cost £5 and are available from our Customer Services Department in the Norrington Room. Telephone 01865 333623 or email

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