World Humanist Congress 2014 – Sunday’s Speakers

It’s the final day of our fabulous free World Humanist Congress talks here in the bookshop, in our world-famous Norrington Room! If you haven’t made it down to one yet, now is your chance to be part of #WHC2014, and have your thoughts thoroughly provoked.

At 2pm, we have Kenan Malik, asking ‘What can the history of morality tell us about the nature of morality?’.


Then at 3pmStephen Law will be discussing ‘Why I’m An Atheist’.



This afternoon should be a great finish to our series of humanist talks, and we hope that you come down and enjoy them with us. Both speakers will be signing copies of their books after their talks, and we have a wide range of their titles and other relevant titles in stock in our dedicated World Humanist Congress section, down in the Norrington Room.

And in the meantime, check out our fab World Humanist Congress page here, where you can see books by all our Congress speakers, and other relevant titles.

Don’t forget to follow along on Twitter, using the #WHC2014 hashtag – we’re at @blackwelloxford.

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