“The thing about football…

32countriescropped…the important thing about football – is that it is not just about football.” So said Terry Pratchett

Whether you love football or hate it with a passion we have a World Cup promotion aimed fairly and squarely at book lovers.

Ray Mattinson and David Kelly from our Fiction Department have selected an author from each country (or where that hasn’t been possible, a novel set in that country) so every World Cup contender is represented. The titles that feature in each day’s fixtures are then pulled out and displayed every morning.

Ray is shocked to learn that Spain is out!

Ray is shocked to learn that Spain is out!

Ray says “It had been a dream of mine to install a translated fiction section separate from general contemporary fiction here on the ground floor for some time. Having achieved this earlier in the year, it was a natural step to create a ‘World Cup’ fiction display which included fiction from each county involved in the footballing action. We felt that this was the perfect way to join in the spirit of things in a lighthearted and enjoyable way!”

So who is your money on? Will a South American triumph on home soil? Is it time for an Africa winner? Will England disappoint again?

You can see the full listing of titles here

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