Jabujicaba – A Novel Campaign

JabujicabaWe are very pleased to be supporting the wonderful cause behind the publication of this novel, an eco-thriller set in the heart of Brazil. The paperback edition is available exclusively from the shop with 50% of the royalties going to international charity World Land Trust, to fund the protection of the REGUA Reserve in Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest. The remaining 50% is divided between the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Isle of Wight Zoo.



The book is part of a wider campaign to inspire action for the Brazilian Rainforest and its wildlife, by creating positive change. Why? Because rainforests cover less than 2% of the planet’s total surface area, but are home to 50% of the Earth’s plants and animals. If you want to save life on Earth, this is a great place to start.

www.jabujicaba.net_2014-06-04_16-37-36Click on the logo to find out more about the book and the cause, or even better, pop into the shop today and pick up your copy for just £8.99

We are launching the book in the shop on Thursday 12th June at 12 o’clock – you are very welcome to come along. If you can’t make it to the shop to buy the book it is available online here


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