Plato At The Googleplex

Publishing is, of course, a global industry. However there are still books that only appear on one side of the ocean. When we hear about books that sound interesting but are not going to be published in the UK we are happy to import them.

The only downside to this is that they are unlikely to receive any sort of review coverage which means that we have to give them a different treatment in the shop to help raise awareness.


An imported title that we are currently pushing hard is ‘Plato At The Googleplex’ by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein It has received a lot of coverage in the States (hence us hearing about it).

“This could be one of the best-ever demonstrations of the value and utility of philosophy. Richly insightful, beautifully written, it is at once introduction, exploration, and application, revealing the fascination and significance of philosophical ideas and their relevance to life.”

Read the Wall Street Journal review of the book here

Like all the best non-fiction this book will leave the general reader feeling a little bit more clever than before they picked the book up. It is excellent fodder for pub conversations and may, just may, change your perception of certain things. It seems right that the good people of this sceptred isle are allowed to benefit from it too.

The book has pride of place on display in our Philosophy Department, available for £19.99. Come and have a browse or call 01865 333669 to reserve your copy.


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