Some of the events that our booksellers are most looking forward to @oxfordlitfest…


Our booksellers love the festival – yes the hours are long; yes the unpacking, repacking and shifting of pallets of books is exhausting but we love the buzz. Where possible we try to get to some events although that is not always possible. Here are a handful of events that some of us a really looking forward to…

Ann is our ‘Queen of Everything’ at the Festival

The extremely bearded and extremely funny Philip Ardagh, the clean-shaven but hilarious Lucy Mangan, music from Matilda the Musical and stories by Roald Dahl! Tears of laughter guaranteed!

Zool is, well, Zool – Jack of no trades, master of all

James Lovelock, the man who came up with the Gaia hypothesis, is a legendary figure in the world of environmentalism, futurology and Science in general. I will be working out a variety of different festival venues this year, but one event I’m going to make sure I see is on Saturday 29th March at 12pm: James Lovelock – A Rough Ride to the Future at the Oxford Martin School. Lovelock is fiercely independent and his views are endlessly fascinating – and although I don’t agree with all his views, I will be listening to them with rapt attention.

Ulric is the manager of the Norrington Room

On Tues 25 at 2pm in the Bodleian: Divinity school, Geordie Greig will be speaking about his work on Lucian Freud. ‘Breakfast with Lucian’ was one of my favourite book’s last year. Freud is a notoriously elusive character and this book reveals a sense of his character with vivid clarity. It is an exceptional piece of work distinguished not only by great writing but also in Greig’s having known Freud personally for many years. The result is that you feel you have a true sense of the artist and of the driving forces behind his work.

On the 25th at 8pm in Corpus Christi the brilliant Anthony Wall, series Editor of ‘Arena’ will be introducing a preview of a new program profiling The New York Review of Books made by Martin Scorsese and David Tedeschi. Wall has produced some of the very best documentaries of recent years and the subject here represents the very best literary journal of recent times. It promises to be a fascinating event and for me another highlight of the festival.

Hannah is on our Events team and loves Children’s books

Mary Hoffman, Penny Dolan, Celia Rees and Leslie Wilson I’m really excited about the panel for this event, between them they represent the best writers in history fiction for teen readers. Daughters of Time is an insightful anthology of short stories written by the panel and others about women’s rights through the ages, an area I feel hasn’t been written about in such a way before, which will make a really fascinating talk.

Charlie is the eldest son of our shop manager, Rebecca

So, so, so excited about the Robert Muchamore event. Rock Wars is his finest – better even than the Cherub series

Euan writes this blog and does some other stuff:

As a HUGE fan of Raymond Chandler I am a little bit nervous and a little bit giddy with excitement to hear John Banville (writing as Benjamin Black) talk about reviving Philip Marlowe, one of the most iconic of detectives.

I am also very excited to see Phil Klay at the free-to-attend ‘special edition’ Stories Aloud in the Blackwell’s Marquee on Saturday 29th. He is a former marine and, in Redeployed, has written a collection of utterly remarkable short stories that stay with you long after you close the book.

"I don't know about the enemy, but by God they put the fear into me..."

“I don’t know about the enemy, but by God they put the fear into me…”

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