The Bookshop Band – 3 FREE shows at The Oxford Literary Festival


Oh, Oxford World’s Classics how we love you. Thanks to their generous sponsorship we will be hosting three evening performances by The Bookshop Band at the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival. On Sunday 23rd March, Monday 24th March and Tuesday 25th March they will be playing FREE gigs in our Marquee from 6.30pm – 8.00pm. Leading up to these performances we will be canvassing the opinion of Festival goers as to which Oxford World’s Classic they would like the band to turn into song! So if you have a penchant for Moby Dick, a passion for The Communist Manifesto or a preference for Paradise Lost be sure to register your vote in the Marquee.


  1. A lyric for “Watership Down” transformed into a melody by the “Bookshop Band”. If they prefer to reprise “Bright Eyes”, that’s ok. Regards from an overseas Oxford literary festival fan.

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