2 ‘Books’

I love my job, especially at this time of year. There can’t be many people who spend a large chunk of their day looking for beautiful, amazing, quirky books to put in front of our lovely customers.

Today has been a good day in this regard. I have become aware of two ‘books’ that I am sure you are going to love. The quotation marks are because both are a bit more than a book as most of us understand it.

First up is ‘Where You Are’ published by Visual Editions. I described it on Twitter as a book / map / box thingy and have no reason to change my description. Here are some photos of it

So you have an impression of what it looks like, but what exactly is it?

The publisher’s website describes it thus:

“16 Artists, Writers, Thinkers and 16 Personal Maps. Each one exploring the idea of what a map can be. The result is a book of maps that will leave you feeling completely lost”

Well, I ask you, who wouldn’t want to own that! And one of the contributors is Geoff Dyer. It is on my Christmas list to myself. At least once.

The other ‘book’ that I came across today ‘The Reason: Tales For Success in Life & Business’ by Juan Mateo. So far, so normal. And then you see the actual ‘book’. It’s got pop-ups, lists, letters…all sorts of things. I can barely find any information about it online so you will have to make do with my dodgy photos (unless you come into the shop where we have plenty of copies)

Again the publisher description:

“Seven tales of wisdom that will inspire and enlighten you at both a professional and personal level. Seven motivational stories that combine experience, emotions and intelligence to show how you can enjoy a more fulfilling life”

Whether these tickle your fancy or not I am confident that you will find things in the shop that you never knew existed, let alone considered for your Christmas List. Visit us to see even more hidden gems that our booksellers have uncovered for your consideration and delight!

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