Books Are My Bag


Books Are My Bag is a nationwide celebration of bookshops that launches on 14th September. Unsurprisingly we think that it is a most excellent idea and will be holding a bookshop party throughout the day.

We are going to have a variety of bookish themed party games – book quizzes, a ‘find Mr Blackwell treasure hunt, redesign the jacket of your favourite book, bag painting and much more…

Our booksellers will be dressing up as their favourite characters or books – guess who they are and you might win a prize

bambtoteThe gorgeous ‘Books Are My Bag’ totes will be in plentiful supply and may even include some delightful surprises 😉

We are creating a ‘Blackwell’s Shrine’ – showing off photographs of some of the amazing authors that have visited the shop over the years. A ‘Visitors Book’ will be available for anyone to sign and explain why bookshops are special to them. We will also have our shop Visitors Book available to view which has such gems in it as Muhammad Ali, an original Maurice Sendak ‘Wild Things’ drawing and many, many other unique inscriptions.

Of course a bookshop party wouldn’t be complete without some special guests. We are inviting authors to come and join us for the day, where they can tell the whole world about their work.

More details to come as we dream up more fun things to do. But for now, if you want to join us for a celebration of bookshops in general and Blackwell’s in particular then put Saturday 14th September in your diary now. Bring your friends, family, strangers that you drag in off the street. There has never been a better day to show the world that you love bookshops!


We will be having an Author Area in the shop throughout the day. You are very, very welcome to come along, hang out, do readings from your book and sell your book(s). If you are self-published then you can bring your own stock and either sell it yourself or we can take money through our tills and pay you for what sells. If you are a published author let us know and we can order in stock to have on sale. We will have clear instructions ready for you on the 14th to help avoid any confusion! I know that this may sound a wee bit chaotic, even anarchic, but aren’t all the best parties a wee bit like that?

Contact (use BAMB Author in the subject field) to register your interest or garner more information


Over the years we have been fortunate to host a galaxy of amazing authors in the shop. Many of them have signed our visitors book. Come and see what, amongst a host of others, Seamus Heaney, Maurice Sendak, Antonia Fraser, Bill Clinton and Muhammad Ali have written in it. A rare opportunity to see this unique book!


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