Event with Mark Cocker – Birds and People

CockerOn Tuesday 13th August we are delighted to have ‘birder supreme’ Mark Cocker back in the shop talking about his stunning new tome ‘Birds and People’

Keith Clack has been a bookseller in the shop for over 45 years but he is just as passionate about our feathered friends. He writes:

“Since his ‘ Birders, Tales of a Tribe ‘ introduced the wider world to birds and birders, Mark Cocker has published a number of influential and hugely important books on the subject, including the seminal work ‘Birds Britannica’.
As an internationally travelled birder in his younger years, Mark brings a wealth of experience and feeling to his writing and it’s no surprise that he has been nominated, with success, for various awards over the years. His latest and, I believe, greatest book is ‘Birds and People’ charting the relationships between the worlds 10,500 species of bird and the people who surround, exploit but also marvel at both their beauty and complexity.
650 individuals from 81 different countries have contributed examples of behaviour and cultural connections with over 300 of them used in the book, among them the one I contributed  soon after Mark and I spoke about his aims for the new book.
It’s stunningly illustrated by one of Europe’s finest wildlife photographers, David Tipling, who’s photography bring the text to vibrant life.
Between them they have produced one of the finest books about birds, their world and how they have such impact on the human race.
This book has been over 6 years in the making and, difficult though it has been, it’s well worth the wait.
We are fortunate that Mark chooses Blackwell’s as one of the few venues for his brilliant talks and August 13th is going to be a very special evening for many.”

The book is exquisite, the talk will be fascinating and tickets cost £3 and can be obtained by telephoning or visiting the Customer Service Department in the Norrington Room. 01865 333623

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