Lars Iyers – Fresh, funky and very, very funny

“Iyer’s weird talent continues to grow, and the misadventures of his miserable characters are starting to seem like the brightest things in modern British fiction.” The Guardian on ‘Dogma’

Every so often a new voice appears on the scene that refreshes my love of the written word. With ‘Exodus’ Lars Iyer completes a trilogy of novels that are fresh, funky and laugh-out-loud funny.

Each of the books – ‘Spurious’ is the first in the trilogy and ‘Dogma’ the second – is based around the sort-of-friendship-sort-of-enmity of two academic philosophers; Lars and W.

Comparisons are invidious but there is definitely a slug of Beckett – the meanderings of body and mind – mixed with a dash of Ballard and a sprig of Nietzshe. It all adds up to a unique blend called Iyers…

The novels are clever; a good thing that brings a warm and rewarding  feeling to the reader – perfect for the perishing cold days and nights. And funny, very funny.

Unsurprisingly I am just a little bit giddy that Lars is coming to the shop on Wednesday, 23rd January at 7pm In fact I’m so giddy that if you say ‘Utterly Spurious’ on the door WE’LL LET YOU IN FOR FREE!

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