Book Auction To Help Creation Theatre

The ‘Summer’ weather was the worst in living memory and coupled with the effect that the Olympics had on tourism outside of London was  bad news for our lovely friends at Creation Theatre. They fund their productions exclusively through their ticket sales so a 50% reduction in tourists visiting Oxford has hit them very hard.

We love Creation Theatre – not only are their productions innovative and great fun but they are, collectively, one of the most inspiring groups of people that we have ever worked with. Naturally we want to do what we can to help secure the future for such a culturally important organisation for Oxford.

You can help too by bidding in our book auction:

We have 5 specially signed and dedicated copies of Michael Palin’s ‘Brazil’  The dedication reads “Thank you for supporting Creation Theatre” and 5 signed copies of Philip Pullman’s ‘Grimm Tales’ that we are auctioning. All proceeds of the auction will go to Creation. Of course they would make delightful Christmas gifts but, more importantly, the money raised would help to ensure spectacles such as this are not lost to Oxford:


Place your bid by emailing by Wednesday 19th December. Please spread the word along with the raffle that Creation are running, the great work that Barefoot Book and Whistling Cat Books are doing for the cause or by any of these other fundraising ideas. Of course helping to sell out every performance of Aladdin and the Magical Lamp will help too!

Thanks in advance for anything that you are able to do…

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