Tarun J. Tejpal – The Story of My Assassins

On Thursday 27th September Blackwell’s Norrington Room played host to Tarun Tejpal, journalist, publisher, novelist and founder of Tehelka, one of India’s leading news magazines.

Tarun spoke to us in detail about his latest book, The Story of My Assassins – a searing portrayal of life in contemporary India. Based on actual events, it tells the story of a journalist who learns that the police have captured five hitmen on their way to kill him. Blowing apart the relative comfort of his former life, just as he’s started upon a steamy affair with a brilliant woman, the news prompts him to launch an urgent investigation into the lives of his would-be murderers.

The Story of My Assassins’ is a novel of extremes. A piercing enquiry into both severe poverty and obscene wealth, it takes us on a journey into the heart of today’s India.

The Free Speech Debate Project, an Oxford University research project on freedom of speech, was there to film the action. See their excellent video of the event by clicking on the link below:



  1. To Broad conversation

    Thank you so much for introducing me to Mr. Tarun J. Tejpal.

    I read his novel „The Story of my assassins“. It is a fascinating and brilliantly written story indeed.

    I came to the conclusion we all live in developing societies or we don’t develop at all.

    What counts that is awareness we can strive for. I was impressed how this is possible in today’s temples in India where the wise man becomes a supervisor.

    Respectfully yours sincerely

    Wolfram Schüffel

    Prof. em. Dr. med. Wolfram Schüffel

    Kaffweg 17a, 35039 Marburg

    Homepage: cid:part1.01000009.04030808@gmx.de http://www.schueffel.com cid:part1.01000009.04030808@gmx.de sprechblase

    E-Mail: wolfram@schueffel.de

    Tel. 06421-176330 office 9.30-10.00 Uhr

    06421-26351 privat

    1. Wolfram – so pleased that enjoyed it, in parts it is very challenging since the main character is pretty unlikeable. In our quest to keep you up to date with the books that we have enjoyed reading I shall mention The Islnads by Carlos Gamerro 9781908276087 published by And Other Stories. The novel is set in Argentina and is ostensibly a story about an ex-soldier trying to reconcile the Falklands War. Of course it is much, much more besides…

      All the best


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