Attention All Sherlock Fans!

How do you fancy a Sherlock Holmes evening at Blackwell’s, Broad Street, this winter?

This November marks the 125th Anniversary of the publication of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “A Study In Scarlet” – the first appearance of Holmes in print – and we’d like to do something to celebrate.

Our initial ideas for the evening include:

  • a talk/discussion on the subject of Sherlock Holmes with a special guest author/fan
  • a quiz
  • a Murder Mystery
  • fan readings
  • Victorian-era finger buffet and drinks/music
  • fancy dress

We are hoping to get some feedback so PLEASE let us know what you think…

Do you have ANY IDEAS that could help make this evening a classic?  Don’t hesitate to make suggestions…

Finally – are you an actor? A writer? A violinist? Do you own a deerstalker? Would you like to VOLUNTEER your services to this event out of the goodness of your heart, or maybe because you’re a Baker Street geek? We’d love to hear from you.


  1. I would certainly be interested in volunteering – I am a writer and a fan of Sherlock Holmes. Keep me posted! Your current ideas sound great for an evening … only other thought is some sort of Victorian seance type thing could be a laugh…

  2. Nice idea. Conan Doyle certainly believed in the power of the seance. I wonder what Holmes would have made of his creator’s fringe beliefs?

    Thank you for your kind reply. It’s early days yet but stay tuned to this blog. The game’s afoot.

  3. I play the violin (though not terribly well) and would also be interested in volunteering! I love Sherlock Holmes. Your ideas sound wonderful If I think of anything else I’ll let you know. Keep me posted!

  4. This sounds absolutely brilliant, and I would love to be involved! I’ve just sent an email to Hannah Chinnery but thought I’d reply here too. I can act moderately well, and have a real passion for Holmes; he’s one of my favourite characters in all of literature!

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