Next week at Blackwell’s…

As you may already know, next Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th July we will be hosting author talks with hedgehog fanatic and author of The Beauty in the Beast Hugh Warwick and author of new historical thriller Sacrilege, SJ Parris.

It promises to be a very interesting couple of days, so why not come down and join us? Tickets are £2 for each talk and are available from our Customer Services Department or by calling 01865 333623.

However, if you’re away or previously engagement then never fear, look out on Broad Conversation in the week afterwards for interviews with our speakers – and if you’ve got some questions of your own then why not let us know? Either Tweet us with the hastags #hughquestions or #sjpquestions, or leave us a comment – we’ll try to put as many as possible to Hugh and Stephanie, and they’ll be posted to Broad Conversation along with the rest of the interview!

You can also request signed copies of The Beauty in the Beast and Sacrilege by dropping us an email at


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