Friday Competition 6th July Book Jackets

Welcome to our ‘Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Book Jacket’ 12 Authors and Titles to unpick from this one image. As many answers that you can come up with to by 4 pm. As ever, a very modest prize awaits… Good luck!

So from left to right, top to bottom we have Richard Dawkins Magic of Reality, Mark Henderson The Geek Manifesto, Mark Williams Mindfulness, Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland, Daniel Kahneman Thinking Fast and Slow (the pencil), Robert Macfarlane Old Ways, John Farndon Do You Think You’re Clever, John Kay Obliquity, EB White Charlotte’s Web, Frances Aschroft Spark of Life (buy this book it is AMAZING), Diego Marani New Finnish Grammar and John Julius Norwich History of England in 100 Places.

Phew! Thanks for playing…and the name out of the hat to day is Jennifer. Well done, I’ll be in touch to sort out a modest prize for you šŸ™‚

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