The Bookshop Band

The Bookshop Band in the ‘Grandad Eyebrows Room’

The tour of independent booksellers by The Bookshop Band is well under way now. On July 3rd they will play the Norrington Room. Yesterday they popped into the shop to say hi and to pick up the book that we are asking them to turn into a song to be premiered on the night.

They will turn Alice and NFG into songs!

Us being us we couldn’t choose just one book so we happily handed over a copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and – surpise, surprise – New Finnish Grammar. Our breath is truly baited to see and hear what they turn these two books into.

We are always proud to show off the Norrington Room to visitors but on this occasion I was well and truly trumped – it turns out that Ben, the founder of the band, is the grandson of Arthur Norrington – or Grandad Eyebrows as he was known in the family.

The Bookshop Band turn each ‘season’ of songs into a CD and their collection from their first year will be available in the shop soon. Each ‘season’ has a theme and a reading list:

Tickets (£5 only) are still available for what promises to be one of the most exciting events of our Summer season through our Customer Service desk or by calling 01865 333623. You wouldn’t want to miss a song inspired by New Finnish Grammar now, would you?

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