Are you smart enough to win a book?

Claire ‘s simple but witty answer “As I am a woman I can ask for directions” made both Alan and Euan laugh, so a copy of the book is winging its way to her. I understand that she is in recruitment!

Thanks to the good folk at Oneworld Publications we have a copy to give away of William Pounstone’s ‘Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?’ – the fiendish logic puzzles that Google famously asks candidates at interviews.

In order to win the book we will give you 24 hours to answer this puzzle from the book:

You have to get from point A to point B. You don’t know whether you can get there. What do you do?

We are not looking for the same answer as that given in the book, rather we are looking for the most creative and convincing answer that you can come up with – it can be short or long. The winner will be decided by myself and Alan, Marketing Manager at Oneworld. Just email your answer to Good luck!

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