Group 2012 May Writing Group: Non-Fiction

The May meeting will take place on Wednesday 16th May, 7pm-9pm at Blackwell’s main shop on Broad Street. The theme will be Non-Fiction publishing. Guests will include Phil Henderson, Senior Marketing Manager for Trade Books at Oxford University Press; and Juliet Mabey, founder of Oneworld Publications, an independent publishing firm which specialises in non-fiction for both general and academic markets; and Mark Lynas, a writer and speaker on climate change science and policy and the author of ‘The God Species’, ‘High Tide’ and ‘Six Degrees’
There will be a panel discussion focusing on Non-Fiction Publishing. It will explore such questions as what are publishers interested in? What are the trends in Non-Fiction? What is likely to ensure that a work of Non-fiction is published, and what counts against publication? How commercial does Non-Fiction have to be? The discussion will be followed by some more specific advice for would-be published writers of Non-Fiction.

There is a membership charge of £20 per year to cover our costs. Membership allows you to come to all meetings for free. If you are not a member you are still very welcome to attend the meetings – there is an entry charge of just £3, payable on the evening

Group 2012 is a new writers group which started in January this year . It is run as a joint venture between Hersilia Press, The Oxford Editors and Blackwell’s. In brief, the group exists as a forum for new writers to meet each other, gain advice, exchange views, and enjoy the solidarity of a group of people who may share similar experiences, questions and challenges. The group meets formally once a month as locations in central Oxford (including Blackwell’s Bookshop and the Friends Meeting House). Each month there is a different theme and special guests – authors, publishers, agents and other people in the book trade – are brought in to lend their expertise and wisdom.

For more information on the next meeting – please visit or contact  


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