Recreating the Canterbury Tales Pilgrimage for the National Literacy Trust

This, from Lianna Ovenden, Corporate Development Manager at the National Literacy Trust:

“A supporter is recreating the Canterbury Tales pilgrimage with 23 participants walking 62 miles over four days to fundraise for the National Literacy Trust. Keeping to the original story as closely as possible Henry Eliot and the pilgrims will follow the same route from London to Canterbury and tell the tales along the way. The news piece on our website can be found here for more details:

They start next week on April 18th and we would really like to help them promote their fundraising. The JustGiving page he has set up is

We have seen some donations come in already – for those who have supported thank you so much. It is a fantastic idea and Henry has worked really hard in organising so it would be great if we could show even more support. Thanks very much.”

I think that this is not only a terrific charity to support but also a fantastic idea – if you can help to spread the word on your blog, Twitter, Facebook or any other way I would be truly grateful.


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