Creation Theatre return to Blackwell’s!

We’ve known for months now that Creation Theatre were bringing The Factory to Blackwell’s in March and April with two productions: Hamlet (much acclaimed already and seen by around 15,000 people so far, in venues ranging from The Globe to a London street corner) and The Odyssey (a World Premiere).

It’s about now, however, that the excitement really mounts . . . It’s only weeks away, tickets are selling, anticipation is rising, preparations are more than underway.

Hamlet comes first and without doubt, one of the most intriguing aspects of the production is that the actors put their names in a hat at the beginning of the evening to decide who is playing which part. How versatile is that?! In addition to this, audience members are encouraged to bring their own props, which the actors will work into the play. And of course, all this means that every evening will be a unique experience – the production that you go and see on Monday won’t be the same as the one your friend goes and sees on Tuesday.

The Odyssey will demonstrate the same innovative and dynamic spirit. The Factory won’t necessarily attempt to tell the entire story of The Odyssey every night, (the epic poem is over 12,000 lines long), so instead, audiences will get a different book or books each night – one night it could be the Cyclops, the next night The Lotus Eaters, the night after that the Slaying of the Suitors . . .

Excited? We are and we hope you’ll be able to join us for one (or both) of these productions which will be staged – just as Doctor Faustus was last year – in our world-famous Norrington Room.

Hamlet runs from 5th-24th March. The Odyssey runs from 29th March-28th April. The Creation Box Office number: 01865 766266

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