Happy Christmas

From all at Blackwell’s please accept our warmest good wishes for this festive period. We are only able to do what we do thanks to our amazing group of customers, friends and fans.

It has been quite a year for us and I am happy to say that we have had a brilliant Christmas – the death of quality, independent bookshops seems to have been greatly exagerated!

Next year promises to be another year of excitement and ambition for us – but at the core of all we will do will be a commitment to printed books and the written word. It has served us well for 132 years.


  1. Looking through your list of “all you need to know about world history” in 100 books, I cannot find a book about the Holocaust.

    Obviously, even your expert choice cannot cover everything, but most people (except revisionists and Holocaust-deniers which I’m sure you are not) would count this as an event of massive importance in world history.

    If I’ve missed something please direct me to the appropriate title. I don’t need to remind you there is no shortage of extremely good books on the subject.

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