For those of you who don’t know, the Norrington Room is the basement of Blackwell’s Bookshop Oxford and contains our vast academic department with over three and a half miles of shelving.

In said room, starting Thursday 1st December, we’ll be holding a series of talks every Thursday from 1pm. These are free so please just turn up and enjoy!

The talks will be on a variety of topics, covering almost anything from Jenga to Da Vinci – not to mention the Large Hadron Collider!

So if you fancy a lunchtime that’s a highly educational and occasionally entertaining experience, our speakers, will be sharing their wisdom in the Norrington Room – keep Thursday lunchtimes free!

1st December – Martin Kemp Christ to Coke

Martin Kemp will be talking about both his new book Christ to Coke – a consideration of the rise of visual icons and how they continue to function, from Christ to the Coke bottle, and the updated edition of Leonardo, the first publication to include two newly discovered Leonardo works.

“Informative, funny, sad and surprising” The Guardian

8th December – Victor Glynn: So, You Wanna Make Movies?

Blackwell’s very own Victor Glynn was for many years an award-winning producer as well as a senior film executive including time with Sony Pictures and Zenith Productions (producers of Inspector Morse). Come and learn about the not so gentle scientific art of film production.

“gifted, cynical, venomous, bitterly funny and decidedly un-pc.” Arena

15th December – Frank Close The Infinity Puzzle

Frank Close, eminent Oxford University physicist and award-winning writer, will be discussing his book The Infinity Puzzle, divulging the inside story of the forty years of research, breakthrough and endeavour that brought about the Large Hadron Collider.

“admirably lucid” The Independent

Christmas Break

12th January – Nigel Hastilow: Politics Seriously Harms You and Others Around You

Journalist Nigel Hastilow, once a prospective parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party, will be delivering an entertaining talk on his new novel “The Smoking Gun” in particular and about the state of U.K. politics in general

“Nigel Hastilow has found a new outlet for his undoubted talents” Birmingham Mail

19th January – Will Hutton Them and Us: Why We Need a Fair Society

Recently available in paperback, Them and Us by author and journalist Will Hutton, provides an incisive look at how reconstructing a bust financial system cannot be done without a wholesale revision of the wider system and values on which it is based.

“Will Hutton’s hour has arrived…ambitious, passionate, imaginative” Financial Times

2nd February – Nicholas Perkins & Alison Wiggins The Romance of the Middle Ages

From King Arthur and the Round Table to Alexander the Great’s global conquests, the stories of romance appear in some of the most beautiful books of the Middle Ages. Nicholas Perkins and Alison Wiggins provide an engaging, scholarly, and richly illustrated guide to medieval romance and its continuing influence on literature and art. The text will be part of a major exhibition opening 28th January in the Bodleian Library.

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