The Classics Balloon Debate – Thursday 27th October


Who is the greatest figure of all from Classical History and Mythology? Take part in the debate at our Classics Balloon Debate on Thursday 27th October at 7pm, here at Blackwell’s Bookshop and have your say!

Celebrate the worlds of Ancient Greece and Rome with us: immerse yourself in all things classical, philosophical, historical and mythological and enjoy our Classics Balloon Debate: In case you’ve not come across the concept before, a balloon debate involves a panel of speakers who are all speaking in the guise of a famous figure from History with the aim of justifying why they should not be thrown out of the hot-air balloon which is rapidly falling to Earth and needs to lose some excess weight quickly!

Participants – and the heroes they will be representing:

Bettany Hughes: Socrates

Harry Sidebottom: Diocletian

Armand D’Angour : Sappho

Adrian Goldsworthy: Julius Caesar

Peter Thonemann: Cleisthenes of Athens

Katharine Earnshaw: TBC

Tickets cost £2 can be obtained by telephoning or visiting the Customer Service Department, Second Floor, Blackwell Bookshop, Oxford. Telephone 01865 333623. Alternatively, please email:

One comment

  1. If I’m still standing after two weeks of events I’ll be there to raise the rafters for Sappho. I first came across Sappho when I did my 5 terms of Classics (before a delta in Latin grammar necessitated a switch to Theology & Philosophy), and fell in love with the stark simplicity (it was Josephine Balmer’s translation). She was very unpopular back then (“rated in the ancient world but it’s hard to see why now” I remember a lecturer saying). It’s hard now, with the growing popularity of Japanese culture and its aesthetics of stillness, nature, and nostalgia, how Sappho could ever be unpopular.

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