Which authors should have their own ‘day’?

There are a number of authors / books that have their own day of celebration. For example Alice’s Day on 4th July, November 12th is Carl Sagan Day, Tolkien Reading Day is March 25th and, of course, World Book Night is run on Shakespeare’s birthday, April 23rd

First question I have is are there other days that you know of that are dedicated to celebrating an author or specific book?

And the second question is who do think is worthy of such an accolade?

Let us know through the comments – you never know, you may see your suggestion adorning our windows in the future.


  1. Sagan will do me – though it’d be lovely to match it, exactly 6 months separate, with a Richard Feynman day so they could perpetually circle each other like a pair of polar stars.

    I’d have to say Murakami. Preferably to coincide with the release of 1Q84. Will Blackwell’s be opening at midnight/holding a long distance running, cats and noodle party to mark it? I’ve been hearing some US stores are opening at midnight Harry Potter/iPad style

    1. Feynman is an excellent choice – we regularly put his books into our 342 offer and they fly out. One of our Twitter followers suggested Spike Miligan which I would also love to do.

      No plans for Murukami madness as yet but I know that MG Harris is lobbying us to do something…

    1. Bloomsday. Of course! Keats would be an interesting one – it would be fascinating to see if we could stimulate greater general interest in him (or, indeed, any of the Romantics). Perhaps I am wrong but I get the feeling that he is studied more than read?

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