Blackwell’s Staff Recommends

If there is a single thing to get the juices of our booksellers flowing it is to ask them about the books that they love. We love to wax lyrical about those books that have inspired, delighted or enlightened us. It is the best thing about being a bookseller, bar none. Our simple rule is that you have to have read the book that you are recommending and, err, that’s it. No deal with publishers, no subject excluded, no collusion as to the title chosen. It is absolutely the choice of our individual booksellers.

We want our staff to write more recommendations, although occasionally the it may court some controversy. Here’s an example:

“Though rather long-winded and with an implausible plot, some of the characters are beautifully drawn and the language is truly exquisite. Packed full of violence, illusions, allusions and plenty of begatting!” The Bible

Part of me says that putting this review onto the shop floor would be fine – we would hate to be perceived as a bookshop without a personality. And yet. And yet there is a part of me that knows we will cause upset to some people – again, we do not want to be perceived as a thoughtless bookshop. Maybe I think too much…

Pop into the shop and you will see more handwritten, heartfelt stories about those books that our booksellers love. We have some of them listed here online


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