Your Favourite Oxford Novel?

There is no shortage of choice for novels set in Oxford. From classics such as Brideshead Revisited through to Colin Dexter’s Morse  Oxford in books is a veritable hotspot of love, intrigue, machination and murder. So much murder! Listed below are 15 novels that have an Oxford connection, let us know which is your favourite. If your favourite is not listed do add it in the comments.

We will run a promotion over the summer and would be very happy to include your quotes as we find out what the favourite Oxford novel is. Get voting, get campaigning!


  1. The Company of Fellows by Dan Holloway would be an excellent addition to your list. It’s a compelling, intelligent thriller set there. I absolutely loved it.

    1. Thanks Kath – it is quite hard to get hold of now except for ebook and print on demand. I will speak to some publisher friends to see if we can get an edition back in print. Haven’t read it myself, but would like to…

  2. It has to be ‘The Amber Spyglass’ for me – epic, scintillating stuff, and fully meriting al the plaudits it received. And of course, a thrilling alternative version of Oxford is central to the plot.

  3. Am I allowed to suggest ‘A Habit Of Dying’, which has enjoyed modest success and very warm words? It is certainly my favourite. I may even ‘get campaigning’ as you suggest!

  4. Company of Fellows is only available on Kindle, where it’s one of their best sellers (16 in Thrillers, 59 overall). Opportunity for some enterprising publisher to bring out a print version? It’s a great read.

  5. Just to add my vote to this speaking up for Dan Holloway’s The Company of Fellows. It’s a great read.

    1. There is certainly a lot of support for Company of Fellows. I will look into what possibilities there are for a print version becoming readily available again

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