The Orwell Prize Winner

The winner of the Orwell Prize was announced this week. I think that most interested parties thought that the book prize would go to Christopher Hitchens for his funny, moving and, at times, brutally honest memoir Hitch 22. However, the award went to the late Tom Bingham for The Rule of Law. I must say that it is a fine choice – a short, accessible book that has brio, clarity and commonsense in equal measure, and yet, a book that will influence some important debates over the coming years.

Bingham himself points out in the video below the phrase ‘rule of law’ is used frequently but without challenge to what it really means. His book is crystal clear, not only in describing what the rule of law is, but also why it is so important.

Like all the best non-fiction you will feel more informed for reading it and will find yourself well armed for any discussions that you may have with your friends on the topics it covers. With Tom Bingham in your back pocket I fancy your chances of winning…

Below is a talk that Lord Bingham gave at the RSA.

More on The Orwell Prize here

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