A severe case of booksellers block

Apologies for the lull in proceedings from our maiden post. To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw; there are a thousand reasons but no excuses.

There has been no lack of activity in the shop over the past months with a frantic ‘last-minute’ Christmas (runaway bestseller for us was A History of the World in 100 Objects) and the first ever play to be hosted in the shop. We will be talking more about the joys of Creation Theatre in a future post.

Our main focus at the moment is the upcoming Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival. Top of my list of events to go to is Sarah Bakewell talking about Montaigne and the incomparable Kazuo Ishiguro – surely one of the greatest literary craftsman of our generation?

If you are attending the festival do come and talk to our booksellers – we are a very friendly bunch…


  1. I’m visualising ‘booksellers’ block’ now – volumes glued onto shelves? A refusal to sell beloved copies?

    If it’s simply a failure to populate your blog, the trick is not to wait until you’ve something worthwhile to report – twitter is great practice for that 🙂


  2. Hi Mark – thanks for the encouragement (and your patience). Perhaps it is all of the above? We are on Twitter @blackwelloxford and Facebook /blackwelloxford

    A post for the blog on the preparations for the Literary Festival is nearly ready to be posted.

    I guess that challenge for booksellers and updating blogs / Twitter / Facebook et al is that we are creatures of the shop floor and, happily, are not glued to computer screens.

    I shall continue to try and juggle…

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